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190 Queen St, St Marys (Sydney), NSW 2760 Australia
Open Mon-Fri: 9.30am-4.30, Sat:9.30-2pm
Telephone: (02)967-341-81

blue, pink baby wool and patternsBaby Fabrics, Wool, Trimming

We carry buttons and bows, pastel and printed fleece, a wide range of Wool, Needles, Patterns, Patchwork & Quilting Fabrics, as well as Wadding, Cottons and Sewing machine accessories.

Lee Nova also carries Baby Cot Lining and Backing fabrics (115cm wide).

Lee Nova Craft stocks a wide range of contemporary, traditional, discontinued and unusual haberdashery, including discontinued DMC Cebelia, Threads, Books, Cross Stitch, Long Stitch, Cottons, Wool, accessories, tools, needles, scissors, hooks, braiding, ribbons, sequins, elastic, frames, wadding, buttons, lace and patterns to meet your craft, sewing, knitting, crochet, sewing and other project needs.

Come in and browse, Telephone (02-96734181) and Online enquiries welcome.

Baby pastel Code: Paper Dolls Width: 115cm Price: $13.20
Pastel animals from a carousel Code: Carousel Animals Width: 115cm Price: $17.60
pink squares with rattle, rubber duck, cradle, letters Code: Baby Pink Width: 115cm Price: $13.20
poem and images from little bo beep poem Code: Little Bo Peep Width: 115cm Price: $19.80
toy motifs on white background Code: Toys on White Width: 115cm Price: $16.50
Red Green Yello Blue Elephants on White Background Code: Elephants on White Width: 140cm Price: $9.75
hashed, striped spotted squirrels on green background Code: Squirrels Width: 115cm Price: $14.30
Dinosaurs with yellow green blue alphabet Code: Dinosaurs (Polycotton) Width:  115cm Price: $7.95
Alphabet Code: Alphabet Width: 115cm Price: $9.75
African Animals Code: Hippo (Polycotton) Width: 115cm Price: 7.95
Horses Code: Horses Width: 115cm Price: $14.30
stylised birds in pink green turquoise on white background Code: Colored Birds Width: 140cm Price: $9.75
stylised animals baby pink print Code: Pink Baby Animals Width: 140cm Price: $9.75
multi coloured elephants on purple background Code: Elephants on Purple Width: 140cm Price: $9.75
Children's fabric Zebras on mauve background Code: Zebras on Mauve Width: 115cm Price: $14.30
baby fabric with rocking horses, drum, pram swatch Code: LC0301 Sarahs storybook Price: AUD$16.50
Cats Code: LC0299 cats Price: AUD$16.50
baby Rhymes motifs Code: LCO284 Rhymes Price: AUD$19.80
baby fabric swatch with rubber duck Code: LCO292 Baby Price: AUD$13.20
African Animals Safari Code: LC0296 (Safari large image) LCO 295) Price: AUD$16.50
Blue Carousel Horse baby fabric swatch Code: Carousel Horses Blue Price:AUD$9.90
Pink Carousel Horse Code: Carousel Horses Pink Price:AUD$9.90;
Lace and other trimmings for nursery and baby sewing balls of bright light blue wool with a crinkle in it Pink, White, Lemon and Blue baby woolBoye Starting Point Baby Booties Zoo Nursery printCarousel Cot Cover Winnie the Poo Cot Cover fabric sample of fancy buttons in a variety of colours