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Floral Prints

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Lee Nova Haberdashery and Craft carry a wide range of cotton and polycotton fabric, material and cloth. We can fill requirements for fabric, sewing cottons and threads to match, lining, buttons, zips and machine needles.

Lee Nova Craft stocks a wide range of contemporary, traditional, discontinued and unusual haberdashery, including discontinued DMC Cebelia, Threads, Books, Cross Stitch, Long Stitch, Cottons, Wool, accessories, tools, needles, scissors, hooks, braiding, ribbons, sequins, elastic, frames, wadding, buttons, lace and patterns to meet your craft, sewing, knitting, crochet, sewing and other project needs.

Come in and browse, Telephone (02-96734181) and Online enquiries welcome.

stylised autumnal leaves on dark green background Code: Leaves Green background Width: 115cm Price: $16.50
floral print Code: Green-Cream Floral Width: 115cm Price: $9.35
Paisly motif on cream background Code: Green-Red Paisley on Cream Width: 115cm Price: $18.00
deep pink orchid or lily on cream background Code: Pink Orchid on Cream Width: 115cm Price: $19.80
floral sprays on pink Code: Pink Floral Width: 115cm Price: $14.30
blue pink yellow bunches of flowers in squares Code: Flowering Squares Width: 115cm Price: $16.50
fabric swatch Code:  LC0172 Price: AUD$13.20
fabric swatch Code: Day Lilies (Red) Price: AUD$16.50
fabric swatch Code: Lilac Sprays on Violet Price: $19.80